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This is a page dedicated to Tarte-Tatin’s Cakes. We don’t really have any cakes but would like to post a selection of cake ideas for the cake lovers out there. If you’re interested in good looking cakes and want to make your own or would like to know where to get those cakes, then this is the site for you.

Tarte Tatin

An accidental creation of the Tatin sisters has brought a delicious upside down fruit dessert known as the Tarte Tatin or Tatin Tart. Who doesn’t like a good upsidedown cake? The story goes that one of the two sisters in an atempt to save a pie whose crust was burning on the top flipped the pie crust down and served it to the guests. The guests received the pie with great delight and the regional dish was said to have been invented.

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Favorite Cakes

Whether you love Angel Food Cake, Devil’s Chocolate, Cherry Cheese Cake or Carrot Cake we’re here to whet your appetite. Get those glands salivating because we’re offering delicious recipes and commentary on the best cakes in the world. I’m partial to a good German Peach Kuchen or a French Wedding Cake. I love the American Ice Cream Cake and the Russian Ptichi Moloko.

What are your favorite desserts? Is there a region that makes the best cakes? What kind of wedding cake did you have for your bride and groom? Are there recipes you prefer to share and ones you keep secret so you can surprise guests when they come on special occasions? Did your grandmother have a recipe she shared only with her progeny?