Secrets to opening a successful cookie shop

Congratulations! You did it! You decided to open up your very own cookie shop. Unfortunately, the hard work is not over. You cannot just sit back and expect profits to start flowing in the door. For your cookie shop to be successful, there is still some work ahead. But you aren’t on your own. Don’t worry, however, with the right information, a dash of hard work and a lot of perseverance; you too can succeed at opening a successful cookie shop. Sound good? You bet it is. Plenty of owners have done the same and you can too. Below you will find some secrets to opening a successful cookie shop. Are you ready? Let’s get started..

Regardless if your cookie shop is part of a franchise or truly independent shop, some common factors are important to being successful. The number one factor for any cookie shop is the location of the store. In fact, some reports show that the success is 75% dependent on the store’s location. With so much riding on your cookie shop’s location, it is important to heavily weigh this decision and gather up all the knowledge you have. Look around thoroughly, get expect advice and do some homework on your own.

I know what you are going to say next. About your budget, your location choices are limited. You are looking to spend the least amount of overhead. Well, location is not the place to skimp on costs. And I’m not saying that you should pick the most expensive either. Find an expert real estate professional or a franchise consultant to help you scout locations and negotiate the best deal. You may even consider leasing versus buying the building.

The second largest component of a successful cookie shop is the service that you provide. And by “you” I am referring to every employee in your shop. Every single employee will reflect on the cookie shop and ultimately you. So put much emphasis on your hiring and training efforts. A person who comes across as sullen and disinterested in an interview is not going to change into a bubbly, service-orientated employee overnight. Hire the best, train them impeccably, and it will show. And remember that one customer who is treated badly will spread the word much faster and louder than a group of customers who had a great experience.

That being said, it is also important to hire and train for the theme you are evoking in your cookie shop. Employees should reflect the atmosphere of the shop and have common interests. Maybe you can include other desserts such as tarte. This will give them common ground with the customers and make the customers feel at home. If a customer feels valued and comfortable, they will keep coming back.

Location and customer service are just two of the secrets to opening a successful cookie shop. In addition, you also need to capitalize your cookie shops unique proposition and selling points while paying close attention to your overall budgetary constraints. By doing this, the hints above will help you excel at both. Good luck and here’s to your success!

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